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Our Service

Accessible Travel Japan will provide consultation for the following provisions. Consultation is free of charge. Please fill out the enquiry form and send us. We can also offer you our cooperative travel agents if you need help for arranging accommodations and transportations in Japan. (Travel arrangement is available for a fee.) See the following for our privacy policy.

For your Flight

As a basic rule, the international air ticket must be arranged by yourself before your trip to Japan. You may ask the airline service in your country to book in advance for the domestic flights in Japan. If you need help, you may also ask our travel agents for an arrangement. Consultation and advice are free of charge, air tickets and reservation are available for a fee.

Rail transport in Japan

rail transportRail transport services in Japan are operated by many private companies. The fare varies by distances travelled. The Shinkansen Train (the super express / bullet train) and the limited express require an additional limited express fee. Most of them offer both non-reserved seats and reserved seats in separate cars. Seat reservations, at a low price, allow you to secure a seat and travel with comfort. The railway tickets and seat reservations are available at a ticket counter of all major stations. However, the seats for passenger with wheelchair are limited in number, contact us in advance to reduce your wait time. Consultation and advice are free of charge, train tickets and reservation are available for a fee.

Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass)

Japan Rail Pass is a discount ticket for foreign travelers, offered by the six companies that belong to the Japan Railways Group. First of all, be sure that the JR Pass cannot be purchased inside Japan. Therefore, we can't help you purchase the JR Pass. You need to obtain an exchange receipt at a travel agent in your country. The receipt can be exchanged at the ticket counter of designated major JR stations in Japan. Since there are several restrictions and requirements of using the JR Pass, check the following website beforehand. It can be also used on seat reservation for Shinkansen Train and limited express, however, notice that the waiting line might be long and seat reservations are particularly difficult on high seasons. In addition, the seats for passenger with wheelchair are limited in number and difficult to reserve, JR Pass is not recommended for wheelchair users. Consultation and advice are free of charge.

See the Japan Rail Pass website: (Japanese) (English, French, Deutsch, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai)

Car Rentals

If you'd like to rent a car, we can help to find car rentals. Consultation and advice are free of charge. Accessible Travel Japan do not execute on making reservations. As a general rule, reservation and sign up must be made by the driver, and of course, international driver's license are required to drive in Japan. Notice that vehicle equipped with hand controls are still very few in Japanese rent a car service.

Taxi & Accessible Taxi

taxiAccessible Travel Japan arrange a taxi (capacity of 4 passengers), or a minibus (capacity of 7-9 passengers) for your transportation. Wheelchair-accessible taxi equipped with ramp is also available. Consultation and advice are free of charge. Taxi reservation is available for a fee. Taxi rate depends on the type of vehicle, distance and time traveled. In addition, the rate increases in 20% late in the evening. Taxi fare must be paid by the traveler.


accommodationsAccessible Travel Japan will help you finding an accommodation, hotel or Ryokan (Japanese style hotel with Tatami room), with an accessible room. Consultation and advice are free of charge. We can also make a reservation for you. Hotel reservation is available for a fee. Accommodation charge must be paid by the traveler.


We arrange tickets for concerts, sports, arts, theater, and other entertainments. Please contact us in advance for seat reservations, or to know the accessibility and individual circumstances of a theater. Consultation and advice are free of charge, tickets* and reservation are available for a fee. *Ticket delivery (post to your hotel) is also available for a fee.

Guide Service

guideForeign language guides are available for a fee. Tour Guide-Interpreter is a national qualification with 10 different languages; English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Of course, we can find you a guide for other languages.

Exemption of Visa (for short-term stay)

Japan has taken measures concerning the Visa Exemption Arrangements with 67 countries and regions. For citizens of the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, the CIS States, and other countries are required to obtain a visa in advance. Please ask the Japanese Embassy or a travel agency in your country for the issuance of visa.

Travel agents and operators;

Accessible Travel Japan provides information about accessible tourism in Japan, for both the individual travelers and the travel agencies. Arrangements on accommodations, transportations, foreign language guides, and other travel service are offered by our cooperative travel agents. We hope that accessible travel is dealt by many travel agencies all over the world, and our knowledge helps travelers with disabilities. We are pleased to see the travel agencies overseas, dealing with accessible travel in Japan, increases in number.

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